Questions to Ask Before You Sign Up for a Lawyer Referral Service

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If you are looking for a lawyer but do not know where to begin, a good place to start is a lawyer referral service. Most services have a number of benefits, such as a list of participating lawyers and free consultations. Here are some questions to ask before you sign up:

Legal information

If you’re in need of legal assistance, you may want to use a Lawyer Referral Service (LRIS). This service connects you with an attorney instantly. To find out more, visit the website. LRIS refers qualified attorneys to consumers and businesses. The service asks callers to provide basic information and describe their problem. The information they provide is confidential. After confirming that you’re eligible for the service, the LRIS will give you the name of an attorney in your area who can help you.

Among other services available, the Lawyer Referral Service is a free, over-the-phone referral service. Founded in 2002, the service’s legal experts assess your situation and match you with an appropriate lawyer or agency. Lawyers in these agencies are certified by the State Bar of California and have completed the required continuing legal education. Callers can leave their information and ask questions about their situation. The staff members will then match them with attorneys in the area.

The Legal Referral Service will provide a referral to an experienced attorney in the New York metropolitan area. There’s no charge for the initial intake or the consultation, but the attorney will charge a fee of $35 for the first 30 minutes. However, the fee is waived for personal injury cases, medical malpractice cases, state workers’ compensation claims, and Social Security Disability cases. A lawyer’s fee is based on their expertise and the scope of the case.

Consultation with a lawyer

When requesting a lawyer referral, you should consider whether you can afford a fee. While most lawyer referral services require a $35 nonrefundable consultation fee, some waive this fee for certain types of cases. Examples of these cases include social security, personal injury, medical malpractice, veteran’s and military law, unemployment and workers’ compensation. The services serve all 44 counties in New York State. If you have any questions, contact the lawyer referral service for more information.

Using a lawyer referral service is a good idea for many reasons. These services are typically free and will have a bilingual counselor available to help you. You can also get information about reduced-fee legal services and free consultations through these services. The service also has information on the qualifications of the attorneys on its panel, including age, income, and geographic location. Then, you can schedule an appointment with an attorney to discuss your case.

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Before you schedule a consultation, you should prepare a list of questions. You should also inquire about the fee structure for the lawyer. The consultation is free of charge and does not obligate you to hire him or her. You can meet with a few attorneys and decide which one best suits your needs. You can request a consultation by phone or online, and Spanish-speaking representatives can also be provided. The fee structure of a lawyer referral service varies by location and type of case.


Many lawyers use referral fees as a source of revenue. While referral fees are an attractive way for lawyers to earn extra money, they do not always come risk-free. Lawyer referral services must balance the risks of their clients while still keeping their own fee structures reasonable. Below are some things to keep in mind when negotiating referral fee agreements. Let’s discuss each in more detail. A lawyer referral service should only accept cases where the client can benefit from a referral.

The Legal Referral Service staff will first discuss the nature of the problem you have. They will also assess whether a lawyer is needed. They will then schedule a consultation with you. This consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and is free of charge. If you decide to retain the lawyer, you will pay the fees set by the attorney. The service will take your name, address, and telephone number and will provide you with a list of lawyers in your area.

The New York State Bar Association offers a referral service for its members. They have an extensive directory of attorneys practicing in every county in New York. Lawyers participating in the Service agree to charge a consultation fee between $20 and $40. Most initial consultations last about 30 minutes. You should bring relevant documents and prepare as much information as possible to make the most of your consultation. If you do not find an attorney on the list of lawyers in your area, you can also try the service of your local bar association.

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Requirements of participating lawyers

A lawyer referral service must have requirements for the participation of its panel of attorneys. These requirements include due process for all parties involved, the ability to protect the confidentiality of clients and the integrity of the referral service’s operation. It must also set forth procedures for investigating complaints against participating attorneys. The State Bar of California adopted extensive Minimum Standards for Lawyer Referral Services. The ABA is currently reviewing this rule and will issue further guidance as needed.

To become a member of the LRS, an attorney must have experience in a particular practice area and proof of insurance. Membership is open to all lawyers who practice in the San Mateo County area. Lawyers can register online by indicating the area of practice they practice in and any languages they speak. LRS’s panel of attorneys are carefully screened for their legal knowledge and ethics. They must be members of the state bar and must maintain malpractice insurance coverage. In return, participating attorneys receive referrals from LRS’s panel of lawyers.

Lawyer referral services are a great public service for attorneys. These programs bring new clientele and public relations to lawyers. A lawyer referral service may also provide a legal resource for the public, such as a pamphlet on the law. In California, the LRS makes more than 3,000 referrals each year and has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Attorneys can register in various categories of law and indicate if they are available for evening or weekend appointments. Lawyers may also indicate if they speak a foreign language or are licensed in a state other than Nevada.


The Availability of a Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) can provide you with the necessary referrals for hiring an attorney. These services also list information on reduced-fee legal services, local agencies, and demographic and income requirements for participating. A lawyer referral service will match you with a legal professional who has experience with your specific case type. Once you find the right lawyer for your legal needs, you can schedule a consultation with him or her.

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The process of hiring a lawyer referral service begins by completing a simple online form. After filling out the form, a trained staff member will interview you to determine your specific legal problem. The information you provide will be kept confidential. After the interview, the lawyer referral service will provide you with the name of an attorney near you. You will need to contact this attorney to schedule an appointment. Depending on your needs and budget, a lawyer referral service may be the right choice for your case.


The costs of a lawyer referral service vary widely depending on the practice area. These fees are not fixed and should be subject to negotiation. These fees are designed to compensate the service for the time, effort, and expense it took to make the referral. They should not include a contingency fee or a back-door contingency fee. In addition, there are no free lawyers or pro bono attorneys on the service’s database.

A typical LRS referral process consists of a brief screening process before selecting a lawyer. Clients call the toll-free number and provide relevant information about the legal issue they have. They can also request a referral online. They identify the legal issue they are facing and are given a name of one attorney. The attorney may contact the client directly if the client gives consent. However, the client pays the service fees only if he or she is satisfied with the attorney chosen.

Lawyer referral services often receive a portion of the fee that a referred attorney charges. This profit is often used to fund public services. While these services may not charge their clients, they are considered a legitimate business. Therefore, lawyers rely on them for legal advice. Moreover, these services provide valuable services to the community. The costs of lawyer referral services vary widely, but there are some limitations. For example, a referral service cannot charge a referral fee if the attorney is a member of the committee or a sponsoring bar association.

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